This web page was prepared by Ken Wiseman, Educational Technology consultant . Please email corrections or addtions using the button below. The links below are not meant to comprehensive or complete, but a sample of what teachers can find on the web.

Ok, so I could not stop at 25 - with billions of pages currently on the web, 25 is just not doing the topic justice. Even the 40 listed is too few - but this is a start.

Web site URL:

  1. WisemanTech Basic Web Resources - collection of great links for finding data on the web.
  2. Easton's Exercises.Quizzes and Tests - Great set of links to other web resources that allow teachers to create puzzels, exercises, quizzes and other classroom materials.
  3. Quia - directory of thousands of online games and quizzes in more than 40 subject areas. Templates for creating twelve different types of online games, including flashcards, matching, concentration (memory), word search, hangman, challenge board, and rags to riches (a quiz-show style trivia game)
  4. WebQuests Homepage - Burnie Dodge's homepage for those wanting WebQuest information. This is a powerful tool for integrating web resources into the classroom.
  5. - This site consists of over 700 Guided sites neatly organized into 36 channels that include hundreds of site links - many not indexed by standard search engines.
  6. The Spots - 15 Starting points for specific content areas on the web.
  7. Blue Web n' - list of "blue ribbon" educational websites.
  8. How stuff works - Excellent site that explains the operation of all types of common and uncommon things.
  9. Backflip - the place to store and share you bookmarks.
  10. Fontifier- instantly create a computer font from your handwriting - no matter how bad it is!
  11. Icing on the Cake - online tools for classroom use.
  12. efax - start getting faxes as email attachments.
  13. AtomicLearning - just in time learning tutorials for many software titles.
  14. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) - Hundreds of education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government are now easier to find.
  15. Ditto - The place to find images on the web.
  16. Find Sounds - does exactly as the title indicates.
  17. Education site of the day - updated daily for all levels and curricular areas
  18. Press Display - Newspaper front pages from around the world - updated daily.
  19. Zoomerang - Creat Surveys and get feedback quickly and easily.
  20. Crayon - Customized web newpaper created just for you everyday.
  21. Pocket Internet - Everything you could possibly want from the Internet is right here
  22. Sites for Teachers - is a list of the best teacher's resource and educational sites on the net.
  23. ClassWeb - site that is devoted to providing educators with the tools to interact with their students and others.
  24. Idea Box - An online database of ideas and activities for early childhood teachers.
  25. HPR*Tec - Regional Technology lab with staff development surveys and student resource lists of great value to educators.
  26. Tiny URL - takes those long URLS and make them short enough to remember.
  27. Interactive Science Activities for Students and Educators - with easy class web page mounting.
  28. Bandwidth Speed test - checks the speed of your internet connection.
  29. EduWeb: Adventures - This site is the main gateway to all kins of great adventures on the web.
  30. Convert anything to anything - complete online converter
  31. ESL Everything- Nationally recognized site that brings together ESL resources on the web - lessons, teaching tips, activities and lots more.
  32. Portals to the World - Links to electronic resources from arond the world.
  33. The Free Site- cool technology stuff that's free.
  34. Mail2Web - reading email from any web browser on any computer any place in the world is the advantage of this service.
  35. Daily dose of the web -start your web day at one of these interesting sites.
  36. All the Tests - all types of tests available free on the web.
  37. Test Your Digital IQ - answer these 69 questions to check your digital literacy.
  38. Career and College resources - collection of resources for counselors and students.
  39. High School News Hub - All things high school are linked from this web site.
  40. Search Tools for Kids - Special annotated list of seach tools for kids and teens. Also has a kids meta search tool.
  41. Community Learning Network -over 5,800 annotated links to educational sites with free resources, all organized by theme pages and keyword search
  42. The Online Teacher resource- resources for teachers dedicated to improving the education of today's generation of students.
  43. Filamentality - fill in the blank tool that guides students through the research process on the web.

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