Invisible Web Tools:

Profusion -


Beaucoup -


Researchville -

Web Portals

Portals to the World -

Reference Desk -

News Directory -

Newspapers of the World -


Fed Stats -

Infonation -

50 States -

Statistics -

Other Specialized tools -

SJ Library Databases - Libraries have access to many databases that would otherwise be off-limits to most people. This link leads to a wealth of databases that information about biographies, political speeches, businesses, authors and health, to name a few.

World Atlas

Terra Server -

Inside the Book - Amazon Book Text search

Song files -

English online -

WisemanTech Web Reference tools

The Search Engines

Directory of Search tool examples and types

The players in the search engine arena

Google Advanced Search

Google browser Buttons -

Britannica Encyclopedia

Your Dictionary

Visual Thesaurus

Todays Front Page

One Look

Anywho -

Acronym Finder -

Fagan Finder -

Soople - the easy way to use the advanced features of Google

Tropix - may work better. The site monitors breaking news from more than 6,000 sources and lets users filter results by ZIP code.

Findory watches which news links you click on and then emphasizes those types of stories each time you visit.

GeniusFind - categorizes thousands of topic-specific search engines and databases.

Proximity Search - A nifty Google hack called Google API Proximity Search (GAPS) that lets you look for two words within one, two or three words of each other.

MultiMedia search tools:

Singing Fish -

SpeechBot -

Atom Films -

Find Sounds -

Awesome Clip Art for Kids -

Education Specific - Teachers

Discovery School -

Ed Helper -

Sites for Teachers -

EduHound -

Education Specific - Kids

Fact Monster -

Homework Spot -

Kids Click -

Kids . Com -

Awesome Library -

"How to" specific sites

How stuff works -

Atomic Learning -

Wanna Learn -

eHow -

Technology Tutorials on the Web -

Additional Links suggested by viewers of this page:



You are my friend

iMovie Tips and tricks

Enchanted Learning - Cross between a dictionary and encyclopedia for K-5

Wikipedia - a free encyclopedia created by volunteers

Tumble Books - Animated taking picture books which teach young children reading

Reading A-Z - Reading materials for early grades

Easy Bib - Fast easy way to create a bibliography all online

HaringKids - interactive coloring books

A+ Math - This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.

Ultimate Google - the master interface for the Google search engine

Click here to see more user selected links that you might find useful - All of these have been suggested by local teachers.

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