College Blogs

College blogs are written by guidance counselors, private counselors and college admissions personnel. Because they are personal opinion, they should be read with a cautious eye. Since many of the writers are working in the field every day, they can offer valuable impressions and up-to-date advice on this ever changing field.

Admissions Advice

Written by a school counselor who also works as an independent counselor.

College Admissions

Written by a panel from the National Association of College Admissions Counselors.

College Admission Guide

Blog site contains informative, well written articles on the college search and admissions process.

College Admissions Counselors

Written by an independent college counselor.

College Advisor Blogspot

Written by a former admission dean at Amherst College & college counselor, who now works to help underserved students and their counselors build the knowledge and social/cultural capital that will help achieve college admission and success.

College Blogs, Chats and Forums

Part of the larger College View site. Entries are written by three college students.

College Confidential Ask the Dean

Part of a larger college prep site. Entries are resposes to questions asked by the readers.

College Explorations

Site maintained by a private college counselor.

Counselors Corner

Views and opinions from school counselors about their profession.

How to Get In

Part of an Edvisors company, an online provider of college search, college preparation and financial services. Learn about college preparation, applying for college and paying for college.

High School Counselor New and Interesting Stuff

Although this blog is written by a counselor for himself and his students, many topics included are of universal interest.


This site offers wide ranging posts on preparing for college and careers.

School Grants

Students looking for financial assistance should start with grants, which do not need to be repaid. This blog explains how they work and possible sources.

The College Solution

Blog creator Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price.

Year One: A College Blog

An inside look at the life of a first-year college student and her experiences in her first year of college. Keep up with Emma Essayist as she begins her college experience at a large state university through this interactive online journal.

White's World

Written by a guidance director in New Jersey. White often reacts to new developments in college admissions and testing.

Wise Like Us

Written by a group of independent counselors.