University and School Home Pages

Adventist Colleges

Portal to the 13 Adventist colleges in the US. Also includes college planning information.

Alphabetic List of US Universities

List of US universities, ordered alphabetically.

American Association of Medical Colleges

Search for accredited medical schools by programa, location, and class size..

Alternate Therapy Schools

Links to schools organized by state for learning massage therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, etc.

American Universities

As home pages are found for American Universities granting bachelor or advanced degrees, they are added here, one page per university.

Animation Schools

School Profile database system that lets you search through detailed listings on more than 900 schools that offer courses and programs in animation and related fields. Fast, easy to use system for researching and finding information about animation education programs of all types. From complete degree programs to workshops and private training, you'll find it here. Search Schools by name, location, program types, degrees offered and even do a keyword search through the entire database!

Architecture Programs

The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) is the sole agency authorized to accredit US professional degree programs in architecture. Most state registration boards in the United States require any applicant for licensure to have graduated from a NAAB-accredited program. This site lists currently 111 schools offering NAAB accredited professional programs in architecture, leading to the Master of Architecture or Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Art Therapy Schools

Approved education programs from the American Art Therapy Association.

Association of American International Universities

Links to the web pages of American colleges located around the world.

Association of Christian Colleges

Links to the universities affiliared with this accrediting association of bible colleges.

Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design

Links to affiliated institutions and information on a career in art and design.

Association of Military Colleges in the USA

This is the site of a nonprofit service organization for schools with military programs approved by the Department of Defense and which maintain good standing in their regional accrediting organizations. It is designed as a source for information on the 42 outstanding military schools that meet the high scholastic, military and ethical standards required for membership.

Athletic Trainers Programs

School information and accredited programs in athletic training.

Beauty Schools Directory

Search for beauty schools or by specific personal service traing by state.

Best Biz Schools

Search for schools that offer various business related degress n the US and some foreign countries. The site also provides current career information, job requirements, typical salaries, etc.

Boarding Schools

Search for a boarding school by name, state, all-girls school, all-boys schools, military schools, or religiously affiliated schools.


Links to 13,000 university web sites all over the world.

Campus Starter

Searchable database for universities in Canada. Seach by major, location, degree type and specific name.

Catholic Colleges and Universities

Searchable data base of Catholic universities. Criteria include campus size, region of the country, setting and academic majors.

Colleges in the USA

Locate college homepages organized by state and community within the state.

Community Colleges

Alpha list.

Court Reporting

List of schools maintained by the Illinois Association of Court Reporting.

Culinary Schools

Links to top cooking school in the US and around the world. Site sponsored by Peterson's.

Culinary Schools

Links to culinary arts programs not necessarily affiliated with colleges and career planning information for the field.

Engineering Schools

All Engineering Schools makes it easy to find the engineering colleges that interest you. Search for engineering schools by location, program type, or specialty.


Links to colleges and programs that specialize in equine studies.

Evangelical Lutheran Colleges and Universities

Links to affiliated university pages.


Lists links to the home pages of colleges that list 4-year colleges and universities, ranging in size and mission from small private liberal art colleges to large state university systems, that do not use the SAT or ACT to make admissions decisions about some or all of their applicants seeking admission as freshmen. Some of these school require all applicants to submit test scores whether or not they use the test scores to make admissions decisions.

Find Your Art School

Search by location, specific degree or specialities within the art field.

Forensic Science

Links to undergraduate and grate programs in the United States and other English speaking countries sponsored by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Golf Management

List of universities accredited by The PGA of America for their PGA/PGM™ programs and contact information. The site also has infomation about how to qualify for these programs.

Hairdressing Schools

Locate schools by state and find out more about the career, salaries, and apprenticeships.

Health Care Assisting

Links to schools offering medical assisting, dental assisting, pharmacy technician, medical secretary, x-ray technician, occupational therapy, etc. programs not necessarily affiliated with a college or university.


A guide to Jewish Life on Campus - comprehensive descriptions of Jewish life, contact information and web sites for Hillels on over 500 campuses in North America and around the world.

Law Schools

Links to law schools by alpha or by state approved by the American Bar Association.

Less Commonly Taught Foreign Languages

Track information on locations in North America where students can study specific less commonly taught languages. The databases contain information on course offerings for over 300 languages at more than 2,000 colleges and universities in North America.

Local School Directory

130,000 schools listed including pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Information statistically broken down at the state, city, zip, district and individual school levels. The information provided includes number of students, teachers, gender, race, grade levels, test scores and financial data.. This site could be very helpful to families moving in the middle of their children's school life.

Lutheran Colleges

While this site is Lutheran in its orientation, it contains comprehensive college planning information for anyone preparing to attend selective colleges.

Match College

Mega data base helps you to find the college you're looking for by state or major. It has over 6,000 technical certification programs, vocational schools, junior/community colleges and 4 year universities in our directory. 

Medical Assistant Schools

This website is powered by a searchable database of 100% of the nationally accredited Medical Assistant schools in the country, with a bunch of others thrown in as well. It contains over 500 Medical Assistant schools, which between them offer over 1,000 total Medical Assistant certificate, diploma, and Associate Degree programs.

Medical Coding Schools

Medical facilities rely on coders to submit their bills to insurance companies. As this field has grown increasingly coplex, the need for more complex training has arisen. This site includes distance learning facilities, which need to be examined closely for legitimacy, as well as campus based programs.

Military Friendly Schools

Going back to school is not only a difficult decision for active duty service members and veterans because of the personal sacrifices that need to be made, but it can be a challenging in other ways as well. Military friendly schools understand the needs of our member of the Armed forces and veterans. Easing them back into the education fold is the focus of military friendly schools.

Military Schools

Military schools are typically privately owned and operated prep schools modeled after the United States military based colleges and universities, such as West Point. Nowadays, a military school is both a popular and selective alternative to ordinary schooling.

Military Schools

Military schools directory is place where you found a variety of information and learn about military school life and opportunities. 

National Association of Independent Schools

Searchable data base listing all US college prep schools. Very helpful for the many families that have executive transfers and new jobs in different parts of the country.

Nursing Programs - Accelerated and Fast Track

Links to programs sponsored by the American Association of the Colleges of Nursing.

Nursing - Associate Degree

Directory on the Web of nationally accredited Associate Degree in nursing programs - 640+ programs in the US. Organized by state. Also includes information on financial resources and career resources.

Nursing Schools

Searchable database also includes links to nursing scholarships.

O Horse

Directory for all the equine programs throughout the world as well as veterinarian programs that specialize in horses.


College and universities with atmospheric, oceanic, and related sciences.

Photography Schools

Links to photography schools that are not part of a university system as well as career information.

Photography Schools

Links to photography schools that are not part of a university system as well as career information

Private Schools

Search for private high schools and specialty high schools such as arts academies by state or zip code.

Private Schools in the USA

Search for private high schools by state and by towns within the state.

Spa Beauty Schools

Information about careers in the beauty industry and links to schools that offering beauty career training.

Sports Management

Links to universities all over the world that offer sports management.

Sports Management Degrees

Links to schools that offer the degree as well as information about what the career involves.

Technical Schools

Find technical schools by location and career information.

Technical School Guide offers list of technical classes and technical degree programs, from graphic design to computer programming. Search by zip code, program or degree.

The 50 Most Stressful Colleges

Kids who aim for top colleges know full well that the stress over which envelope-thick or thin, is only the beginning. Even for the vast majority of students who never experience suicidal feelings, high stress and general mental well being can be a concern. Moving away from home for the first time and starting a rigorous academic program can contribute to high stress, and stress tends to be higher at campuses with a student body that is in general more the type-A characteristic type of students..

Trade and Technical Schools

Directory to web sites of trade and technical schools, apprenticeships, and community colleges.

Tribal Colleges

Click on the map to go the college links for the 33 institutions that were created in response of the higher education needs of American Indians.

Truck Driving Schools

Truck driving schools can be found in all 50 states and are usually concentrated around major cities and towns. This site makes it easy to find a truck driving school in your area. and includes career information about this field.


Locate career schools by state or Canadian province. Many on-line schools are listed here.


A searchable database of over 2,200 universities, colleges & trade schools. Search on institution name, or state or even on study discipline.

Ultrasound Technician Schools

Search by state.


Find distance learning classes online, a school using the alphabet, a school using a US map and list of states, a school using a list of international countries, and programs of study from a total of over 10,000 colleges and universities .

Universities, Colleges and Trade Schools

Comprehensive, searchable data base of colleges, universities, trade schools and career diploma programs. School categories include: culinary, technology, design, business, health care and trades.


Features links and resources for international students interested in attending college in the United States. Includes a listing by state of business schools, engineering schools, education schools, law schools and medical schools.

US College Search

Database of almost 10,000 colleges. You can search for colleges by state, degree, name. Also has sections on financial aid and occupations.

US University Directory

State Universities, Online University Degree Search and College Rankings.

Veterinarian Colleges

Site sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Colleges lists all the universities that offer graduate degrees in veterinary science.

Vocational School Database

Clickable map of the US lists vocational schools for a large variety of occupations.

Web US Higher Education

This page of UT Austin Web Central contains links to Web servers at universities and community colleges in the US

Women's Colleges

Information about women's colleges as well as links to their web sites.

Worldwide Universities

Comprehensive site provides links to universities around the world and explanation of the educational systems and standards of some of the countries. Links to many of the web sites are in the native language.

Yahoo Guide to University Home Pages

Also has links to American tribal colleges, historical black colleges, men's colleges, women's colleges, private colleges by state, public colleges by state, and community colleges.