General Post Secondary Information


AmeriCorps is the national service program through which 40,000 people each year tackle community problems from disaster relief to tutoring. Find out how you can join AmeriCorps. 

Bushcraft Summer Immersion

Bushcraft, guide training, canoeing. fishing and outdoor living in Maine.

Camp Experts

For profit company has researched camps and other summer opportunities for children and teens and assists busy parents with making good choices for productive summer experiences.

Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training

The COLT Semester is 100 days of land- and water-based training for careers in outdoor education and adventure tourism. Students acquire a foundation of outdoor skills and the judgment to be self-reliant in ocean, river, rock, and mountain environments. Established in 1977. 

Castle Rock

The Castle Rock Institute is an educational community devoted to balancing academic work in the Humanities and outdoor adventure. It sponsors off-campus study programs for college students that combine courseware in religion, philosophy, literature and art with backpacking, climbing, biking, and paddling with locations in North Carolina and Australia. 

Center for Interim Programs

Taking a gap year is common practice in Europe. Rather than going straight to college, students take a year off (in reality, a year very much "on") to immerse themselves in other cultures, explore specific interests, or volunteer to help others. This trend is growing in the United States, not only among students, but also among those taking a career break or finding fulfilling activities upon retirement where a "gap year" can range anywhere from one week to many months.. Interim works one-on-one with individuals of all ages to tailor a combination of program options that match interests, needs, and goals. 

Corporation for National Service

Learn how you can make a difference by serving with an Americorps or Learn and Serve America Program. After their term of service, AmeriCorps members receive education awards that help finance college or pay back student loans. 

Disney World College Internship Programs

If you wish to work/intern at Disney World may be interested in exploring this work/internship program for college students. 

Do Something

Uses the power of being on-line to help teens do good stuff. You can search for specific ways to help and learns ways to get financial support for your volunteer ideas.


Site for foreign students who wish to study in the US. Includes advice on college admissions, finances, English as a 2nd Language, visas and cultural differences. 

Enrichment Alley

Collection of opportunities for a summer learning experience, a gap year adventure, or a school year program . Discover opportunities to immerse yourself in a single subject, participate in a field experience, join a guided travel group, or make a difference through service learning.

Experiment in International Living

An international nonprofit organization promoting intercultural learning through homestays, educational group travel, study abroad, language training, work exchange, and other cultural immersion programs. 

Gap or Service Year Abroad

Wiki maintained site contains year away from school" opportunities. You'll find some overlap between this page and sites listed here.

Global Routes

Cross cultural exchange is an integral part of all Global Routes programs. The cornerstone of the Global Routes experience is a two to three week homestay in a remote rural village.Here you immerse yourself in the daily life and ritual of your host community and work with locals on projects chosen by community leaders. 

Global Service

Global Service Corps (GSC) provides opportunities for volunteers worldwide to live and work abroad on projects in developing countries. Volunteers have the unique experience of living with local families. Short-term (2-4 weeks), Long-term (6 weeks to one year), and International Internship (6-10 weeks) programs. 

Global Volunteers Network

Non profit organization places volunteers in community projects in China, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Thailand, and Uganda. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational, environmental and community aid programs. Examples of the exciting and rewarding activities available to volunteers include teaching English, environmental work, AIDS education, and assisting in a orphanage.


IIEPassport offers a comprehensive search for study abroad programs. You can search for these international education opportunities by country, language, subject and many other criteria. After conducting a search, you will receive a list of study abroad programs that match your needs specifically as well as a list of other education abroad programs in which you may be interested. 

Inter Exchange

The Working Abroad Program offers US citizens many exciting opportunities to experience everyday life overseas. Our programs range from au pair, internship, teaching English, short-term work and travel placements to worthwhile volunteer opportunities for those wishing to "give back" to communities in need. Participants must be 18 or older. 

International Cultural Adventures

The Cultural Immersion Experience (CIE) is our comprehensive program offering participants a uniquely intimate and profound intercultural experience through home stays, cultural seminars, language training, educational excursions, village visits, adventure trekking, community service, and more. The CIE is for you if you feel motivated to gain a deeper understanding of a very different culture - and of yourself - by living as a member of a local family, participating in experiential learning activities, and actively engaging with the local culture through community service. 

International Student 

This International Student Australian Portal is designed to give students the information, help and advice they need to study in Australia Includes information on financial aid and the legal considerations. 

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

Summer programs in athletics and fine arts that could enhance your experiences for your college application.

Language Intensive Summer Programs

Wiki maintained list of programs in the US and overseas.

Leap Now

Leap Now is a source for internships, volunteer positions, work exchanges, and experiential academic programs in 126 countries and the United States. 

National Outdoor Leadership 

This school teaches outdoor skills and leadership and offers courses ten days to full semesters in the world's most spectacular wilderness classrooms. 

Outward Bound

International federation of over fifty schools on five continents which offers students a safe, adventure based program with learning options. 

Peace Corps

Information on how to volunteer to help others around the world. 

Rustic Pathways

For fee organizations helps students plan volunteer activities, enrichement semesters, gap years travel orenrichement, andlanguage immersion experiences. 

School Year Abroad

Secondary level school in which American students live for a full year in a European or Chinese family while earning US graduation credits and receiving rigorous preparation for top US colleges and universities. Every year approximately 60 eleventh and twelfth graders attend one of SYA's schools in Beijing, China; Rennes, France; Viterbo, Italy; and Zaragoza, Spain. SYA is a consortium of 23 member schools around the United States. The charter members of the consortium are Phillips Academy (Andover, MA), Phillips 


Credit-bearing semester programs focusing on college level academics, seamanship, travel and personal growth for high school graduates and college students. 

Sea Semester

Off-campus study focused on marine science, maritime culture, and environmental studies.

Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea is designed to be a global semester in your undergraduate career. As academic sponsor of the program, the University of Pittsburgh grants academic credit for participation. 

Spain Exchange

If you would like to study in and find the type of school or program you are seeking, this site is for you. It includes links to: Universities in Spain, Spanish Language and Culture Programs, Study Abroad USA-based programs, Spanish Language Schhols, Professional Development and International Secondary Schools. Information on student housing and financial aid also included.

Student Conservation Association

Mission: To build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of the environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land. 

Study in Canada 

This site explains the differences between the US and Canadian post secondary systems and offers reasons why studying in Canada might be a good choice. Also provides links to Canadian school web sites. 

Study in the USA

This site helps international students access information about universities in the US or choose an intensive English program. It has a searchable data base and information about getting a visa, applying for admission, etc. 

Studying Abroad 

On-line study abroad program directory. Here you will find listings for thousands of study abroad programs in more than 100 countries throughout the world. You will also find hundreds of links to study abroad program home pages. 

Study Overseas

Provides free university and college advice for students worldwide who are considering studying abroad for an international education. The Course & College search section contains details of hundreds of colleges and universities that are currently recruiting international students, together with a database of the best articles that have appeared in the leading journals on international education. 

Summer Discovery

Comprehensive site links to a variety of summer enrichment programs all over the world for middle and high school students.

Summer Jobs 

Use this site to find a summer job or post your resume. Many of the jobs on this site are international. You can locate jobs by keyword or location. This site also explains why work permits are required for some students especially for students under 18. 

Summer Study

Wiki list of summer opportunities during and after high school.

Taking Off 

Commercial program which works with young people (ages 16-25) who are taking time off from a traditional classroom setting either before, during, or after college. Taking Off works closely with the student to develop and implement a well thought out plan which maximizes the individual's time and experience and ensures that "stopping out" doesn't become "dropping out." 

Thinking Beyond Borders

For fee program helps students plan meaningful international experiences in the gap year between high school and university attendance.


uVolunteer is an international volunteer travel organisation. It designs volunteer vacations for individuals whose goal is volunteer in Latin America.


Information about Spanish language programs for various skill levels and of vrarying lengths in Spain.

United Kingdom Sailing Academy

This group specializes in providing training for young people interested in working in the water sports or yachting industries. They are a charity and non profit making organization with training bases in the UK, the Caribbean, and Australia. 

United World Colleges

The United World Colleges are a group of ten related International Schools, with locations throughout the world, and dedicated to promoting international understanding through education. Students from 16-19 years of age come from all corners of the globe to live and study together, and to learn about each other in an environment that fosters peace, cooperation, and personal challenge. UWC students are chosen on merit, regardless of race, creed, color, background or financial ability and the majority are awarded scholarships. 

USummer PreCollege Programs

USummer is a site built to help you find pre-college programs, whichare a great way for high school students to test drive college life. There are hundreds of pre-college programs to choose from, each with its own history, culture and costs. Deciding what pre-college program is best for you is often the hardest part. Spending time on a campus in the summer helps students figure out what kind of school they want to attend when they go off to college. You wouldn't buy a car before test driving it right? So why wouldn't you visit a college before trusting them with your education and tuition? Campus tours are a great place to start but summer programs can be much more fun and telling than your typical campus tour.

Volunteers for Peace

Consultation and placement service for work camp hosts and volunteers, linking people with programs. Programs foster international education, voluntary service and friendship. 

Where There Be Dragons

Offers students and adults learning opportunities through off the beaten path, small group expeditions to counties in Asia, Central America and South America. Trips are rugged,, creative and engaging journeys that combine wilderness exploration, trekking to remote villages, introduction to traditional philosophy and artistic traditions, homestays, service projects, language training, and cultural studies. 

Working Abroad

Working Abroad/VWIS (Voluntary Work Information Service) is an international networking service for volunteers, workers and travelers on volunteer projects in over 150 countries worldwide. On this site, you will find professional and personalized information on voluntary work abroad, including: organizations that are looking for volunteers, and personalized reports on grassroots organizations in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America. 

Youth for Understanding 

Venerable organization that provides international travel/study exchange programs for students all over the world.