Scholarship Information

Armenian Students's Association of American

Nonprofit organization provides scholarships for Armenian-Americans.

A Students' Guide to College Scholarships

A collection of articles and information on the topic from various university finacial aid offices across the country.

The Best Scholarship Search PlatformBecause there’s no single source for scholarship listings, your best option for finding funding is dedicated scholarship search platforms. These sites compile thousands of active scholarships and match you to them based on your unique qualifications.Collegiate Funding

Site has over 500,000 awards in a searchable database that allows users to browse for the best matches. It also has a school search feature, EFC calculator, and Financial Aid Forum. this commercial site promises to build a personalized list of scholarships that fit a student, it also includes regularly updated scholarship information that is available to anyone who visits the site.*College Scholarships.orgSearch for scholarships that fit you without filling in forms which could compromise your privacy or generate spam as some commercial sites do. Also includes information on grants and loans.College Tool Kit

Search for scholarships by state, religion, sport, etc. Some scholarship applications available from this site. Site also includes other financial aid information.

Culinary Scholarships 

There are several organizations that offer scholarships for culinary school. The James Beard Foundation makes dozens of scholarships available for study at institutions around the world, some for full-time study and some for cooking demonstration seminars. Awards are based on financial need and aptitude. Find out more by visiting Awards for hospitality including culinary arts are available through the American Culinary Federation at The ACF website also includes a useful directory of accredited institutions. Les Dames d'Escoffier International offers scholarships for women in culinary studies. For more information visit Education CornerA comprehensive directory of many tens of thousands of the best scholarships, grants and fellowships sponsored by educational institutions, non-profit organizations, foundations and interest groups throughout the nation. *Fast Web

Very comprehensive site contains a database of over 600,000 scholarships and is growing all the time. Complete a questionnaire and Fast Web will give you a list of scholarships for which you are eligible. Some scholarship applications are available on line. Fast Web will also notify you if additional scholarships are added to its data base that are a match for you. Be prepared to wade through lots of ads that keep this site free.

Free 4 U

Mega scholarship site with links to special interests and specific majors. 


Weekly newsletter of scholarship and financial aid information. Also has list of contests students can enter to win money for college. 

Go Abroad

Searchable data base for students who need financial assistance to study over seas. 

Guaranteed ScholarshipsThis comprehensive site lists scholarships that are unlimited in number, and require no interview, essay, portfolio, audition competition of other "secondary" requirements. The scholarships are listed by college. This site would be especially useful to valedictorians and other students with outstanding qualifications. Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Site offers links to scholarships, some online, as well as information on preparing to attend college.

International Scholarships

Scholarship resource for international students wishing to study abroad.

Latino Scholarship Dollars

Search for scholarships by GPA and for whether citizenship is required.

Mach 25

Fill out a questionnaire and receive information on scholarships that match your characteristics from a base of 600,000 awards.

Merit Aid

Fill out details about yourself to match yourself to merit aid and schools. Get a detailed list of colleges with merit aid you qualify for, colleges that want you, and colleges where you are a good fit. See details of merit aid programs at any school including your eligibility and all award requirements. Hear from colleges that want you based on your qualifications and connect with those you are interested in.

Moolah Spot

Complete an on-line survey that will match your personal characteristics and goals to a collection of 3.2 million scholarships and grants.

Nursing Scholarships

Extensive linked list of scholarships for the nursing profession.

Nursing Scholarships

Extensive list of nursing scholarships as well as career information.

Public Health Scholarships

Links to undergraduate and specialized scholarships.


Information for students interested in obtaining Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarships from the Army, Navy, or Air Force.Scholarship America

Clearinghouse for scholarships and planning resources.

The Scholarship CoachCollection of scholarship resources gathered by US News & World Reports for students with unique qaulities and needs.Scholarship Help

Comprehensive college preparation site focuses on how to obtain scholarships. Very strong on strategy and evaluating which scholarships are worth the time and effort to compete for.

Scholarship Hunter

A free comprehensive scholarship and contest search site that does not require a student to entire large quantities of personal information.

Scholarship Page

The creator of this site started by looking for electrical engineering scholarships for himself, but has expanded to many other majors. Also included are scholarships grouped by gender, heritage, state, and membership in organizations.

Scholarship Scams

Site run by the Federal Trade Commission that helps students and parents avoid unethical scholarship data base providers.


Free college scholarship search & financial aid information resource, connecting students & parents with college funding opportunities. Create a personal profile & the search will match you to the database of college scholarships. Search results include scholarship summaries & a custom application request letter.

Scholarships for Twins & Multiples

Links to specific scholarships as well as to other websites offering scholarships for multiples.

Student Scholarship Search

Searchable database of scholarships, loans and grants. The local scholarship section is especially strong. Sign up for the RSS feed so you will be notified of new scholarships added to the site.

United Negro College Fund

Scholasrship resources for African American students.

Venture Scholars

Program in order to increase the number of traditionally underrepresented students entering science and math-based careers. The Ventures Scholars Program has identified high-achieving African-American, Black, Latino, Hispanic, and Native American students from their PSAT scores and has provided them with recognition and information to increase their chances of pursuing careers in medicine and the allied health professions, science, engineering and mathematics. This has been accomplished by partnering with a consortium of undergraduate and professional institutions nationwide and providing opportunities for these institutions to recruit, enroll, and prepare targeted students for these professions.

* free online scholarship data base search